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                                       Ohio Youth Runner

                                  "Giving Young Athletes A Chance To Compete"

                                             2017 Middle School State Championships         

                     DIV 2 & DIV 3 May 20th / Div 1 May 21st

                                                     Dublin Scioto High School

      Due to the confusion with the other meet we have decided to extend the Registration Deadline until May 18th @ 10pm

Please help us to spread the word about the 12th annual Ohio Youth Runner Middle School State Championships by passing out some flyers at your meets.  

Please note: There are no pre-qualifying times to compete in this meet.   

Athletes do have the option to compete in a larger division. For example: D3 athletes can compete in D2 or D1. D2 athletes can compete in D1. 

Parents: You can register your child for this event. You do not need their school coach to register them or attend the meet. They can run under their school name and wear their school uniform, if the school will let them. 

DIVISION / ATHLETE CHECK-IN TIMES: (***This is not event check-in***) No Athletes will be able to check-in outside there designated time slot unless approved before hand. Thank you for your help with this. All starting height's can be found on the schedules under the state meet info tab. This check-in is not for your events but to get your athlete wrist band.

Note: Wheel chaired athletes we will follow OHSAA guidelines. The guidelines can be found by clicking here.

Division 3  - Field Event Athlete Meet Check-in Times 7:30am - 11:00am  Please see schedules for all event times

                                   Running Event Athlete Meet Check-in Times 9:00am - 12:00pm

Division 2  -  Field Event Athlete Meet Check-in Times 12:00pm - 2:00pm Please see schedules for all event times

                                   Running Event Athlete Meet Check-in Times 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Division 1 - Field Event Athlete Meet Check-in Times 8:00am - 11:00am Please see schedules for all event times

                                   Running Event Athlete Meet Check-in Times 9:30pm - 12:00pm

Athlete check-in: Athletes will pick up their wristbands that identifies them as a competing athlete. The athlete check-in is just outside the entry gate to the track and the athletes have any time between the check-in time to pick up their bands. Please note the start times for the  specified events.  

Please note: The meet check-in times are staggered to allow the field event athletes enough time to register before their events. If you are competing in a field event and in a running event it is your responsibility to check-in and out with the field event official. As soon as your running event is complete you must make your way back to your field event or you run the risk of being disqualified. If you make the finals in an event that has a prelim the finish line official will take you right to the podium for your award. If the event doesn't have a prelim then athletes should head immediately back to their field events. 

Schedules: Please take time to review your schedule under the state meet info tab found on the home page. We start the meet off with the 4x800 (finals only) then we continue on with the events that have prelims (not all events have prelims). Usually this takes about an hour and then we start the finals. We use a rolling schedule for all running events.  

Officials: We use all OHSAA licensed officials to run all events    

DIVISIONS: Please remember It is your responsibility to make sure you compete in the correct division. To find your division click on the division link under the state meet info tab. If you would compete in the wrong division you run the risk of being disqualified. Division 2 or 3 athletes may compete in Division 1 but Division 1 athletes are not permitted to compete in a smaller division, unless you have been granted a waiver.  Please follow the directions to find your division (Click on the division link under state meet info).  Thank you for your help with this.  

We score the top 12 athletes in each event that does not have a prelim and the top 10 overall places will receive state medals. 

NOTE: COACHES, SPECTATORS, AND NON-COMPETING ATHLETES ARE NOT PERMITTED ON THE INFIELD. (We will have a pole vault coaches box.) The Ohio Youth Runner's board of directors has spent many hours planning and preparing for this event. In order to make it a great success, we are asking for your cooperation.

RELAYS: Relays are considered individual events. If you only have 4 athletes then you should register as individuals or the buddy registration. All relay members must be from the same middle school. 

TIES: All ties will be broken by NHFA rules.


Team Registrations: You must have at least six athletes from the same middle school to register as a team but no more then 12 can be on your team. Girls and Boys are considered 2 separate teams. The team discount 1 event $20 / 2 events $25 / 3 events $30 ($300.00 cap per team) Please note: You must meet all registration deadlines to receive the sports bag. If you plan on bringing 2 full complete teams (12 boys & 12 girls) email us for a discount. 

Teams: We still have the old team option of 10 athletes with a max of $250.00.  

Club Teams - All athletes must be from the same middle school.

Coaches - You can have your athletes register as individuals and then we can convert them over to a team. If you are using this option please us asap and your athletes will not be able to get the team discount.  

Buddy Registration: Two athletes from the same middle school and same gender can register using the buddy system. This allows the athletes to receive a discount.  Athletes will have the option to pick the number of events but they must pick a total of 4 events. 4 Events = $50.00 / 5 Events = $55.00 / 6 Events = $60. Athletes can use those events however they choose. Please remember athletes must be from the same middle school and the same gender.

7th Grade and Below Awards: Awards for 7th & 6th graders are combined into one grouping. Those awards are based on how they compete against other athletes in those grades.  It is possible for a 7th grader or below athlete to receive an overall medal plus a 7th grade & below medal. The top 4 7th graders receive medals. 

8th Grade Awards:  8th graders fall into the overall category and those awards are based on the top 10 overall placers. The top 10 overall placers in each event by division will receive state replica medals.

Team Awards: The top two teams in each division will receive team trophies. PLEASE NOTE: ALL ATHLETES MUST BE FROM THE SAME MIDDLE SCHOOL TO COMPETE AS A TEAM. 

ADDING EVENTS / CORRECTIONS: Athletes will have the option to add events or make corrections until May 17, @ 8:00am by emailing us, a fee will apply to add an event. This is not the meet deadline but the adding event deadline. 

PRELIM RUNNING EVENTS: We will have prelims in the 100 M Dash , 200 M Dash, 100 M hurdles and 110 M Hurdles. All other running events are finals only.

FIELD EVENT RULES: NFHS will be in effect.

  1. In the long jump, shot put and discus throw, (4) trials only.
  2. High Jump  and Pole Vault (3) Trials only.
  3. Athletes will be disqualified for a false start. False starts are called on individuals, not on the field.
  4. Shot Put and Discus - The host site will furnish all implements. (boys shot 4K) (girls shot 6 LBS) 
  5. All Starting Heights can found on the state meet schedule.

EQUIPMENT: Ohio Youth Runner will provide all implements and starting blocks. Pole vault poles and batons are not provided.             

For wheel chaired athletes we will follow all OHSAA guidelines. This information can be found by clicking here. 


EVENT CHECK-IN: It is the athlete's responsibility to check in and checkout of all field events. The bullpen check in area will be behind the starting line at the far end of the track.

Coaches/Parents: All parents/coaches should remain in the stands unless there is an injury to one of their runners or their child that happened on the field or track. They may also leave to consult the Games Committee if there is a question concerning a ruling in an event.

CLERK - Entries must be checked in at the bullpen with the Clerks prior to the event. All events will be called three (3) times by the announcer and all contestants must report to the Clerk of Course when called. If a contestant does not comply with this regulation, he/she will be scratched from that event. The Clerk will be at the designated area of each event to check entries.

CONTESTANT'S UNIFORM / SPIKES - All participants must wear track and field attire (a school uniform is permitted) .Each member of a relay team must wear the same color. Shoes are required. Length of spikes shall not exceed 1/4" for rubberized surfaces. Jewelry and head attire are not permitted. (PLEASE CHECK AT THE STATE SITE FOR ANY ADDITIONAL RULES).

RESULTS: All results will be posted online in real time.  

Disqualification of a participant: May include but not limited to: disrespect, profanity, throwing a baton, competing in the wrong heat, division, aiding a participant directly or indirectly (accompanying participant to starting area, running alongside participant, or being stationed at points along the track to aid or coach participant), a false start, interference, lane infraction or unsportsmanlike conduct. All OHSAA and NFHS rules will apply in all cases.

Athletes: All Athletes are responsible for their equipment and valuables. Host sites are not responsible for lost/stolen items. Weather: We will not cancel this event unless we have severe lightning. The makeup date will be Memorial Day. Once the meet gets started we will not post-pone the meet unless it goes past 12:00am.

TENTS: Tents or shading devices may only be set up at the designated site. Please note that only lunch size coolers will be permitted in the track area. Please review the school layout.

Payments: .All payments are final and non - refundable

Team Events: Coaches you can enter as many athletes in the individual events but you can only have 1 relay team per relay event. For example: You can put as many athletes as you want in the 200M dash but you can only have one 4x200 relay.    

***** To be considered at team you must have at least 6 athletes but you can not have more than 12. The registering coach of each team will be given a ticket to enter the meet that can be picked up at Dublin Scioto HS the day of the event. Coaches, you will receive an email with details on where to pick up your packets. Please pass along all the information to the to any adults coming to watch your athletes compete. It is your responsibility to set up a time outside the track to meet with all your athletes after you pick up the team packet.  Athletes will not be able to enter the gate with out their participation band that is in the coaches packet. We have issue's with this every year so please help us with this and make sure there is an open line of communication between you and your parents. 

Team Scoring: Events that have a semi-final will only be scored to the top 8th place, with All others scored to the top 12th place.  

  • 1st place -  14 points
  • 2nd place - 12 points
  • 3rd place -  10 points
  • 4th place -    9 points
  • 5th place -    8 points
  • 6th place -    7 points
  • 7th place -    6 points
  • 8th place -    5 points
  • 9th place -    4 points
  • 10th place -  3 points
  • 11th place     2 points
  • 12th place -  1 point

All sales are non-refundable

Participating athletes do not have to pay to get in.

State Championship T-shirts will be on sale at Dublin High School.

Inclement weather: In case of severe lightning we hold the right to run two divisions at the same time. We also have a make date on Saturday & Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. However due to the magnitude of this event we will do everything in our power to run the meet on it’s scheduled weekend.

Admission: Students $6.00 - Adults $8:00 / Coaches who bring teams (6 or more athletes & registered as a team / 1 coach per 6 athletes) do not have to pay to get in.


                                 GOOD LUCK!